wireless plugin

This plugin returns information about your wireless (WLAN, wifi) subsystem.


wifi::level(dev)returns signal level of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::noise(dev)returns noise level of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::quality(dev)returns link quality of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::protocol(dev)returns protocol of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::frequency(dev)returns frequency of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::bitrate(dev)returns bitrate of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::essid(dev)returns essid of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::op_mode(dev)returns operational mode of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::sensitivity(dev)returns sensitivity of WLAN device <dev>
wifi::sec_mode(dev)returns security mode of WLAN device <dev>

The 'dev' should be a active WLAN device (e.g. 'eth1' or 'wlan0')


Widget WLAN {
    class      'Text'
    expression  wifi::essid('eth1')
    prefix     'ESSID '
    width       20
    align      'L'
    update      1000

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