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     1= ISDN plugin =
     3This plogin provides information about the ISDN subsystem.
     5Note that this plugin has been developed and tested with Linux-2.4, isdn4linux and the HiSax-driver. I can't tell if Linux 2.6 and/or the new mISDN is supported. Any feedback on this would be appreciated!
     9== Functions: ==
     11||isdn::info(key, channel)||parse /proc/isdninfo||
     12||isdn::cps(channel)||return ISDN throughput (character per second)||
     16== isdn::info(key, channel) ==
     18This function parses /dev/isdninfo and returns the value of ''key'' for a specified ''channel'' (which is the column from /dev/isdninfo).
     20There are no predefined keys, but the portion before the first colon of every line from /dev/isdninfo is used verbatim. Take a look at your /dev/isdninfo for keys supported on your system. Common keys are 'usage', 'flags' or 'phone'.
     24== isdn::cps(channel, delay) ==
     26This function returns the average throughput of the ISDN ''channel'' (prefixed by 'i' (input/received) or 'o' (output/transmitted). If you omit the channel number (which means specify only 'i' or 'o'), the sum over all available channels is returned. The throughput is averaged over ''delay'' milliseconds. Using 500 msec delivers good values.
     28Note that this function is available only if the file ''linux/isdn.h'' has been available at compile time!
     32== Examples ==
     34Sorry, no examples :-)
     36I don' use ISDN anymore, so I cannot test it, and therefore don't have any sample configurations or widgets. It would be great if someone could provide one or another example here!