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    9999You need libnmeap to compile this plugin, src: []. [[BR]]If you want more information about this plugin or a openwrt binary visit [].[[BR]]Cheers Michu at neophob dot com[[BR]]
     101== DEBUG ==
     103If you need to find out, why your gps device do not work with this plugin, follow this guide:
     1051) add a new debug widget:
     107Widget gps-debug {
     108        class 'Text'
     109        expression gps::parse('0x1','0x000011110')
     110        width 20
     111        update 1000
     112        align 'L'
     115and add it to your layout
     1172) export your device port:
     119root@OpenWrt:/# export GPS_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB1
     1223) run lcd4linux in debug mode:
     124root@OpenWrt:/# lcd4linux -vv -F -q
     125Version 0.10.2-SVN-796 starting
     127plugin_gps.c: [GPS]: v0.31
     128plugin_gps.c: [GPS]: Using port /dev/ttyUSB1 at 4800 baud
     129plugin_gps.c: [GPS]: GPS parser prepared...
     130[KVV] Using station 89
     131[KVV] Using default port 80
     132[KVV] Using default refresh interval of 60 seconds
     133[KVV] Default abbreviation setting: off
     134plugin_mpd.c: [MPD] v0.5, check env variables MPD_HOST, MPD_PORT
     135plugin_mpd.c: [MPD] Using host <localhost> and port <6600>
     137lcd4linux.c: initializing driver Crystalfontz
     138Crystalfontz: $Rev: 840 $
     139Crystalfontz: using model '634'
     140Crystalfontz: using port '/dev/ttyUSB0' at 19200 baud
     141Crystalfontz: reserving 1 of 8 user-defined characters for icons
     142Crystalfontz: using 0 GPI's and 0 GPO's
     143initializing layout 'L20x4'
     144lcd4linux.c: starting main loop
     145plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: read 78 bytes from GPS device
     146plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:000/Er:000/In:000
     147plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: backBuffer: <
     149plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: submit: <$GPGGA,024210.406,0000.0000,N,00000.0000,E,0,00,50.0,0.0,M,0.0,M,0.0,0000*71
     151plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:000/Er:000/In:000
     152plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: get gga callout
     153plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: read 42 bytes from GPS device
     154plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:001/Er:000/In:000
     155plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: backBuffer: <
     157plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: submit: <$GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,50.0,50.0,50.0*05
     159plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:001/Er:000/In:000
     160plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: read 60 bytes from GPS device
     161plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:002/Er:000/In:000
     162plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: backBuffer: <
     166check the line "plugin_gps.c: [GPS] debug: OK:000/Er:000/In:000" as this line will print out all the received nmea packets.