DVB (digital video broadcast) plugin

This plugin allows reading the status of a DVB card.


dvb(key)gather status from the DVB frontend and return certain values

Valid keys are:

signal_strengthsignal strength
snrsignal/noise ratio
berblock error rate
ucbuncorrected blocks

Note that this plugin always opens the first frontend on the first DVB card (which is /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend).


Widget DVB {
    class      'Text'
    expression  dvb('signal_strength')*100
    prefix     'DVB'
    width       9
    precision   1
    align      'R'
    update      500

Widget DVB_Bar {
    class       'Bar'
    expression   dvb('signal_strength')
    expression2  dvb('snr')
    min          0
    max          1
    length       10
    direction   'E'
    update       200

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