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This driver supports the USB displays manufactured by iTuner picoLCD Website

Mini-Box USB LCD is an intelligent 2x20 character USB LCD display module with InfraRed? receiver and keypad interface. This USB LCD display device it's a true USB HID device (not serial or parallel port to USB emulated) supporting high speed data transfers and easy application developmen without any special drivers needed. picoLCD is not limited to a USB only connection it can be connected thru I2C or USART.

Mini-Box has designed picoLCD with the ease of use in mind reducing the time and money needed for integrators to launch a new product with picoLCD. Our sample applications provides windows and linux platform support with open source code and SDK available.

Mini-Box USB LCD has built in 8x5 dots ASCII character font with 8 used definable characters and provides 8 GPO (General Purpose Output) pins. Internal EEPROM allows firmware upgrading and splash screen definition. On power on Mini-Box USB LCD is able to show up to 10 user defined splash screns with custom timing, order and led/gpo status.

Display Section

Display <name> {
    Driver   'picoLCD'
    Size     'string'
    Contrast  <number>
    Backlight <0|1>
    Icons     <number>


Size<rows>x<colums> for now only 20x2 is available
Contrastinitial contrast (0..40) 0 meaning stronger contrast 40 meaning lowest contrast
Backlightinitial backlight state (0=off, 1=on)
IconsNumber of user-defined chars reserved for Icons (default: 0) (maximum 8)


The driver provides the following functions :

LCD::contrast(n)set the contrast to <n> (0..40)
LCD::backlight(v)switch the backlight on (v=1) or off (v=0)
LCD::gpo(n,v)set the GPO <n> to level <v> (0..255)

GPO: General Purpose Output


Display picoLCD20x2 {
    Driver   'picoLCD'
    Size     '20x2'
    Contrast  0
    Backlight 1
    Icons     6