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other LCD related projects serdisplib homepage LCD-Linux homepage Display emulation on a Palm LCDProc homepage GraphLCD (VDR plugin) LCD Builder (mostly german) kernel concepts LCD terminal on Linksys NSLU2 LCD-USB Interface for Hitachi SP14Q002 (320x240) Code Mercenaries IO-Warrior Till Harbaum's cheap do-it-yourself USB interface Till Harbaum's LEDMATRIX Peter Fleurys LCD routines for the AVR c't includ ('maeusekino') USB-display LCDHype (Windows) LCDSmartie (Windows) LCDStudio (Windows) LCD & GLCD Software Download Übersicht (german) LCD & GLCD Software Download Overview (english) Einige LCD und GLCD Bauanleitungen (german) Several LCD and GLCD How To's (english) A premade PCB to mount a HD44780 Display (Fritzing)

LCD manufacturers Beckmann+Egle Bernd Warter Computer Technology Crystalfontz Cwlinux LCDTerm MatrixOrbital Corporation Milford Instruments Swan CDM 4.3" LCD module Noritake Electronics WincorNixdorf serial cashier displays TREFON electronic GmbH USBLCD (Robin Adams IT services) picoLCD from Topway Display

various RouterBoard fli4l - the on(e)-disk-router LCD data sheets and specifications infos on Dot-Matrix LCD-Displays (german) Ethernet LAN LCD display. Front panel design/simulation software. Control via Internet - webcam demo! (English and German) German Elektronic Repair Forum German Elektronic Repair Forum German Tablet Website trisoft informationsmanagement gmbh the company I work for Bastelprojekte mit LCDs German NAS Server site with a lot of information for undecided users German NAS Server Website Active, open source platform for maker projects much like Hack A Day active electrical engineering online community that provides both interesting content and useful resources for Electrical Engineers Learn about the history of electricity with fun electrical projects for kids. Here you'll find information on the different kinds of electrical circuits, their parts and how to measure current, voltage and resistance. Digital publication focused on the power electronics industry an extremely active electrical engineering online community that provides useful resources for Electrical Engineers. a manufacturer that assembles D-Sub connectors.

Shops offering lc displays

Dooyoo: (Moniteur LCD)
The Circuit Foundry: (LCD modules)
Westfalia: (Werkzeuge, LED-Lampen, LCD-Displays)
Pollin: (Bauelemente - Aktiv - Optoelektronik)
Conrad: (Elektronik/Meßtechnik? - Bauelemente - Bausätze/Module - TFT-/LCD-Displaymodule)
Reichelt: (Bauelemente - Aktiv - Optoelektronik - LCD-Anzeigen/-Module)
Leds-Online: (LED Lampen)
Kessler Electronic: (Halbleiter - diskrete Halbleiter - Optoelektronik - LCD-Module - Display)
LC Design:
Elektronikladen Mikrocomputer:
Ribu Elektronik Versand: (Online-Katalog - Optoelektronik - LCD-Module)
ELV: (Electronic Components - Opto-Halbleiter)
Embedit: (Aktive Bauteile - Optische Bauelemente - LC Displays)
PMB Electronics:
Neuhold Elektronik (Austria): (Electronic Components - Displays)
LED-Taschenlampen und Akku: (LED-Lighter and batteries )
Akkus und mehr: Bausatz Shop: (Deutschland & international) Shop:
Linux4Media GmbH:
c't includ ('maeusekino') USB-display

If you want it cheaper, you may try eBay:, (search for "lc display" or "lcd display")

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