Logic Way ABP (ABP08, ABP09) driver

Logic Way GmbH offers the ABP08 (RS232) and ABP09 (USB) appliance control panels with a 3x16 text LCD display.

At the moment the driver supports text output, keypad usage, background color definition. The panel's clock is automatically synchronized from the PC. The panel has an built-in switch contact that can be used to scheduled power-on the computer when switched off.

Other functions (buzzer and situation-dependent background colorization) are future work.


Display ABP08-16x3 {
    Driver  'LW_ABP'
    Port '/dev/tts/0'
    Speed 19200
    Size    '16x3'
    Background 'b 1'
# background: first character for color r, g, b, c, m, or y; number for brightness 0 = low, 1 = more
    Switchcontact '/etc/wakeup.conf'
# specified file can contain a timestamp (UTC), when switch contact has to be closed for a second
# at least the file consists of a single line of text; format is:
# switchtime=1258477576

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