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LCD4Linux used to be hosted on SourceForge, but we did migrate nearly everything to Trac. So please don't use the SourceForge services any more (except the mailing lists), they may be out of date.

Source Code

openSUSE Packages

Since SuSE Linux 9.1, lcd4linux is part of the distribution.

You can find up-to-date lcd4linux packages for different openSUSE versions in the corresponding subdirectory on:

Gentoo Linux Packages

LCD4Linux is an official package of Gentoo Linux. Take a look at for details...

Arch Linux Packages

There are no binary packages yet, but lcd4linux is in AUR at

Debian GNU/Linux Packages

LCD4Linux is an official package of Debian GNU/Linux. Take a look at for details.

Ubuntu Linux Packages

LCD4Linux is an official package of Ubuntu Linux. Take a look at for details.

LEAF Bering uClibc 2.0 package

The Bering uClibc team provides a lcd4linux package:

To read more about Bering uClibc go to

eisfair lcd4linux package

The eisfair team provides a lcd4linux package:

To read more about eisfair go to

IPCop lcd4linux packages

Tom 'wintermute' provides lcd4linux packages for the IPCop firewall:

lcd4linux v0.11.0-SVN (weekly builds) for IPCop v2.x.x:

To read more about IPCop go to

Subversion Repository

If you want to stay with the bleeding edge development of lcd4linux, you may have a look at the SVN web interface.

To access the repository in a read-only way, you need a subversion client and the following instruction:

svn co lcd4linux

This command will create a directory 'lcd4linux' for you, containing the current SVN code. If you want to update your local dir (which you should do on a regular basis), use the following command (inside the lcd4linux directory):

svn up

Subversion write access

If you are a developer and want to commit things into the repository, you need an account there. Choose a username and a password, and send us the output of

htpasswd2 -n -s <user>

(depending on your distribution, there may be no htpasswd2 command, but a htpasswd)

Firewall issues

Some firewalls - especially big corporate ones - block the WebDAV protocol used by svn, presumably due to security concerns. In such a situation the transaction will time-out with an error message such as

svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/lcd4linux/trunk'
>>> svn: PROPFIND of '/svn/lcd4linux/trunk': 
 could not connect to server (

If you see this, take it up with the administrator of your firewall!

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