Text (Curses) driver

The Text driver uses curses for display, and is mainly used for debugging purposes.

Of course, lcd4linux should be started in the foreground (-F) with this driver.

The driver also shows a window with lcd4linux's diagnostics. In this window CR and LF are displayed as underscores.

The driver fully supports the text widgets, bars are partially supported, icons are not.

This driver is available only if you have curses-development files installed (called libncurses5-dev on debian). This will (hopefully) be detected by configure, and the driver will be deactivated otherwise.

LCD4Linux and the curses driver

Display Section

Display <name> {
    Driver 'Curses'
    Size   <string>


Size<columns>x<rows> e.g. "16x2"


Display Curses {
    Driver 'Curses'
    Size   '20x6'

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