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This driver supports the serial "Mini-Terminals" made by Beckmann+Egle:

With LCD4Linux-0.10, the new CompactTerminals are supported, too:

These controllers provide a lot of additional features, and my be extended with various modules: (from left to right: key module, I/O module, LAN module)

Display Section

Display <name> {
    Driver 'Beckmann+Egle'
    Model     <string>
    Port      <string>
    Speed     <number>
    Contrast  <number>
    Backlight <0|1>
    Icons     <number>


Modelsee below
Sizethe CT20x4 can control smaller displays, too. In this case specify <rows>x<columns> here (e.g. "16x2")
Portserial device the display is attached to (e.g.'/dev/ttyS2')
Speedthe baud rate from the display must match this value. Possible values are 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 and 115200
Contrastinitial contrast (0..15)
Backlightinitial backlight state (0=off, 1=on)
IconsNumber of user-defined chars reserved for Icons (default: 0)


The driver supports different displays, which can be selected with the Model parameter:

MT16x1MultiTerminal 16x1
MT16x2MultiTerminal 16x2
MT16x4MultiTerminal 16x4
MT20x1MultiTerminal 20x1
MT20x2MultiTerminal 20x2
MT20x4MultiTerminal 20x4
MT24x1MultiTerminal 24x1
MT24x2MultiTerminal 24x2
MT32x1MultiTerminal 32x1
MT32x2MultiTerminal 32x2
MT40x1MultiTerminal 40x1
MT40x2MultiTerminal 40x2
MT40x4MultiTerminal 40x4
CT20x4CompactTerminal 20x4


The driver provides the following functions (with a MultiTerminal only!):

LCD::contrast()return the current contrast value
LCD::contrast(n)set the contrast to <n> (0..15)
LCD::backlight()return the current backlight state
LCD::backlight(v)switch the backlight on (v=1) or off (v=0)
LCD::gpo(n)return the current state of GPO <n> (0..7)
LCD::gpo(n,v)set the GPO <n> to level <v> (0..255)
LCD::gpi(n)return the current state of GPI <n> (0..7)
LCD::adc()return the current value of the ADC input
LCD::pwm(v)set the PWM output to value <v> (0..255)

GPO: General Purpose Output
GPI: General Purpose Input
ADC: Analog/Digital? Converter
PWM: Pulse Width Modulation


Display CT20x4 {
    Driver   'Beckmann+Egle'
    Model    'CT20x4'
    Port     '/dev/tts/0'
    Size     '20x4'
    Contrast  7
    Backlight 1
    Icons     1

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